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Testimonials and Case studies

Daisy - Post-operative cruciate repair

'Emma is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Physiotherapist. She has been working with our dog Daisy since the start of 2021 following the rupture of both of her cruciate ligaments that have left her having major surgery. I am pleased with Emma’s professionalism and the progress that Daisy is making under her guidance.'


Bella - Arthritis Management

'I can only say Miracle worker, our fur baby is back to normal self with no lameness. Can’t praise enough'


Walter - Arthritis Management

'My 5 year old labrador Walter has been having both physiotherapy and hydrotherapy with Emma for hip dysplasia. I cannot recommend Emma enough, she is extremely knowledgeable and has been a great source of advice. Also she has been very patient with Walt who has recently become wary of ramps and slippery floors after an injury. It is clear that a lot of love and care goes into her work. Thank you Emma!
From Karen Pilson (and Walt!)'


Elliott - Post-operative cruciate repair

'My 9 year old cocker spaniel Elliot has been having physio and hydrotherapy with Emma following a prolonged recovery from cruciate surgery.
He is a very sensitive and nervous boy but Emma gained his trust with her calm approach and he has become much more confident and settled.
Emma immediately identified muscle spasms in his back, chest and hamstrings. Weekly massage sessions have loosened him up and the weekly hydrotherapy sessions have built up his strength.
I highly recommend Emma, she is very caring, knowledgeable and professional and Elliot loves her.'


Missy - Post-operative spinal surgery

We first met Emma for some physio sessions, due to our dog having spinal surgery early last year, we most recently started some hydro sessions to accompany the physio, the difference in our dogs strength and stamina since these sessions began are remarkable. From a dog who was struggling to walk, who now has three walks a day and so much happier, highly recommended xxx


Vera - IVDD

I couldn’t believe the difference in the rate of Vera’s recovery that Emma’s hydrotherapy & physiotherapy made. Her kindness, knowledge, expertise and genuine interest in Vera was outstanding.
I wouldn’t hesitate to use Emma’s services again (I just hope I don’t have to!)

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