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Dog Fitness Classes Ruthin

Canine Fitness & Conditioning

If your morning walk isn’t enough for your dog, you are training for an agility event, or perhaps your dog needs to shift a few pounds, then my bespoke dog fitness classes are the perfect match. My canine fitness classes are suitable for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and just like any other personal trainer, I take careful consideration to tailor my fitness classes around your dog’s specific health needs.

Why Choose Canine Fitness?

My classes are science-based and informed by my qualifications and many years of veterinary experience. A happy dog is a healthy dog, fitness and conditioning exercises are proven to improve both your dog’s physical and mental health dramatically.  My classes are designed to be both educational and fun, for both you and your four-legged friend, so that when you leave the class, you have the skillset to continue your progress at home safely and correctly.


Canine fitness is extremely beneficial to your dog’s health. Consistent exercise improves a number of issues and is proven to:

  • Improve neuro-muscular function

  • Reduce strain on joints

  • Improve muscle comfort

  • Reduce risk of injury

  • Maintain a healthy weight

  • Improve the bond between dog and handler

Start Your Dog’s Fast-track to Fitness Today!

If you and your dog want to get involved in my Canine Fitness classes and know of a like minded group of people who would like to join you in the Ruthin, Wrexham, Chester or North Wales coastal area, book your first class today by contacting 07845 615634, fill out the online contact form or email me at 

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