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Welcome to Physiotherapy with Emma

Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and holistic wellbeing advice for dogs covering North Wales and Cheshire

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Canine Physiotherapy Ruthin, Wrexham and Chester 


If you’re in Ruthin, and are looking for bespoke physiotherapy for your dog, then my physiotherapy services could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Physiotherapy is an excellent way to restore your dog’s mobility, relieve pain and improve muscle and joint strength. Whether your pup is post-surgery and needs help getting back on their feet, or is an older fellow who needs a hand improving their mobility and alleviating joint pain, physiotherapy is the perfect solution.

A Gentle & Unique Approach 


I am an experienced Registered Veterinary Nurse with years of experience working with dogs of all breeds and ages at a variety of different vet practices around the UK.


My love of dogs and my passion for bettering their lives led me to pursue a diploma in Animal Physiotherapy, so I could offer my physiotherapy services to dogs in North Wales and Cheshire who need it most. 

I know that every dog is different, so no two dogs’ physiotherapy plans are ever the same. My plans are always designed around your dog’s specific needs. That’s why alongside physiotherapy, I also offer hydrotherapy, sports fitness and massage. I can even offer home and group visits to prevent any unnecessary stress, I offer sessions at Borras Park Vets, Grange Vets Hawarden and also at your home.

No matter what, your dog deserves to feel special and loved, and my gentle but effective physio plans are designed to benefit your dog in every way possible.


So Why Choose Canine Physiotherapy?

Canine physiotherapy is a gentle activity and can treat numerous conditions such as:

  • Arthritis

  • Spinal/nerve damage

  • Post-operative orthopaedic surgery

  • Post spinal surgery

  • Muscle wastage

  • Tendon, ligament & muscle strains

Book Your Canine Physiotherapy Today!

If you’re interested in getting your dog involved in physiotherapy, then either contact 07845 615634, fill out the online contact form or email me at to get started.

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